BBOC, Bang!    Third Drug Trafficking Conviction for Andrew Smith    Jaguars Go Looking to Make History In Canada    Upgraded charges for Orange Walk East representative    Where The Streets Have No Name (Yet)    Human Remains Discovered in Salvapan    Community police hands over hamper    SSB Chairman Says Fund Pensioners Come Before Staffers    Jaguars are Canada Bound for World Cup Qualifier    Special Session of Cabinet to Discuss Fortis Settlement    PUP Disagrees with GOB’s Fortis Settlement    Woman Raped in Indian Creek Village    Perfectly Pink In Cayo    COLA Joins BTV in Returning to Sarstoon Island    Fortis Receives 33.3% Shareholdings in B.E.L.    Ramada Belize City Princess Leased to Asian Company    Kim Simplis’ Bodyguard Arrested and Charged for Murder!    PUP calls for more accountability in settlement with Fortis    Special Olympics Belize holds AGM    Witness Provides Statement in Double Murder of Russell Hyde and Marcy Humes    Early Morning Fire Leaves Family of Three Homeless        Easy Glen Adolphus is Victim of Weekend Fire    Illegal electrical connection cause of Friday night fire    Prime Minister says Government has secured excellent terms in Fortis settlement        Now that a deal to pay Fortis seventy million dollars plus thirty-three point three percent of shares has been sealed by G.O.B., was the acquisition of B.E.L. in the best interest of Belize?    Guatemalan President Stripped of Immunity    Who Killed Toony and Why?    Water Woes In Maskall    Early morning fire leaves family homeless    Still No Arrests in Malik Dixon Murder    Ray Davis is No Longer Senator for Unions    Police Have No Clues In Russell Killing    G.O.B. to Pay Fortis $70 Million for B.E.L.    Double Murder in Camalote: Infamous Russell Hyde is Taken Down by Gunmen    Remains Found In Belmopan    Guatemalan President Perez Molina Stripped Of Immunity From Prosecution    …CCJ to be Notified of Settlement    Special Envoy’s Bodyguard Arraigned for Murder of Nicaraguan Laborer    Man claims negligence at KHMH    PUP Finds Fault With Fortis Compensation    Police Say Major Crimes are Down in Belize City    Gang Rape In Toledo Village    Belize’s national football team heads to Canada    Not Much Ado In Sarstoon Today    Teen Robs Teen of School Bag and Laptop in Ladyville    Was DHS Michael Pitts Booted Out of His Office Before Retirement Deadline?    Singh Says No To SIB Stats    Belize City Council holds flag raising ceremony   

Permanent Mission of Belize to the OAS

Organization of American StatesThe Organization of American States, formed in 1948, is the world’s oldest regional organization. It was established to promote among its member states democracy, human rights, security, trade, and development. It is comprised of the 35 independent states of the Americas...


High Commission of Belize to Canada

Canadian FlagInformation Coming Soon

Belize Diaspora Program

Belize Coat of ArmsThe Belizean Diaspora Program is a work in progress. This program was approved by the Government of Belize in September 2009 and is being Established and Administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Diaspora Focal Point and the Diaspora Advisory Council of Belize.


Welcome to the Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C.
Welcome to the Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C. PDF Print E-mail

Thank you for visiting the website of the Embassy of Belize in the United States of America, to which I offer you a warm Belizean welcome. In keeping with the foreign policy priorities of the Government of Belize, this website has been designed both to serve Belize nationals living abroad, as well to provide updated information on our beautiful country to those who may be interested in visiting or doing business in Belize.

Belize is a peaceful, democratic, English speaking nation located in Central America, and it fuses the distinctive culture and rhythm of the English speaking Caribbean with the Latin America flavor of Central America in a most inviting manner. Belize is both Caribbean and Central American at the same time; we are the bridge between these two regions, and the Government of Belize is working assiduously to bring these two families closer together.